Work with Susan

Live Authentically & connect to self

When we live authentically, we are happiest.

My primary goal in working with anyone is to help them find their authentic truth, come back to their center and live the life they were meant to live.

So often—usually with good intentions—men and women lose their sense of self. Whether they've been taught to disregard their true essence and intuition as a child, they've compromised in service of the couplehood, made sacrifices that come with parenting, or even because of unspoken cultural expectations, most people lose at least a part of who they really are somewhere along the way.

Finding your truth helps you reconnect to yourself and will automatically help you feel more connected to those around you. 

Psychotherapy Services

Individuals or Couples 

I work with individuals to gain insight into beliefs and patterns that may be outdated (i.e. from childhood) and that may be getting in the way of enjoying healthy relationships. People can't change what they're not conscious of.  Much of what I do is to help individuals or couples understand the behind-the-scenes mechanics of adult relationships and help change bad habits.

I also work with individuals or couples at all stages of divorce. Although nothing will make the dissolution process “easy,” the main goal of my work is to make it easier. I do this by guiding people to the right resources, providing them with helpful information and by creating a support network to eliminate the sense of isolation that often comes with this life transition.


A group is a powerful tool to help people gain clarity on their situation, but also find a new community. By sharing, learning from others’ experiences, and letting support in, clients come out of isolation and heal.

I offer two different types of groups: Women’s Divorce Support Groups and a Relationship Insight Group (also just for women, but I know of group resources for men in the area).

The Divorce Groups designed to provide a safe, unbiased place to talk about feelings and experiences with others in a similar situation. No one will ever get tired of hearing your story or offer well-meaning (but misguided) suggestions like friends and relatives sometimes do.

The Relationship Insight Group follows a curriculum I developed to help participants become aware of relationship beliefs and patterns that no longer serve them. These patterns are often pervasive in intimate relationships as well as with other family members, meaningful friendships, and in the workplace. 


Don’t live locally?

For individuals and couples living outside the Bay Area, I’m available through distance sessions. I also offer remote groups from time to time.

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Mediation Services

Mediation is a type of alternative dispute resolution that enables you and your spouse to maximize control over the outcome of your dissolution.

I’m a trained mediator and I serve on the Board of Integrative Mediators of the Bay Area

Integrative Mediation (I.M.) employs two professionals (often an attorney and a mental health professional or a financial expert).

What Makes IM Different? Integrative Mediators help resolve the conflict at its deepest levels, resulting in a more complete, satisfying and durable outcome than might otherwise be possible.

For more information on IM, go to http://IMBayArea.com (link)

Brainspotting & Trauma Healing

Brainspotting is a treatment technique using eye position and body sensations to access and process through stuck trauma. Because it reaches beyond the conscious (neocortical) brain, Brainspotting is able to bypass the more surface level thoughts and feelings and treat the deeper (subcortical) and body-based parts of the brain. Brainspotting does not overwhelm the brain. A good way to look at it is that it untangles the snarl of pain neurons.

For more information on this brain-based technique, go to Brainspotting.com.