Learn How To Personalize Your Marriage

Photo by Finn O'Hara 

Photo by Finn O'Hara 


Marriage is changing rapidly and new models of coupling have emerged in recent years. 

That can be good news when your marriage is on shaky ground because you now have more options than simply staying and suffering, or divorcing.

You can get creative by trying out one of these newer options (or personalize marriage to fit your own unique needs) on either a temporary basis or indefinitely.

7 modern Alternatives

When researching, The New I Do, Reshaping Marriage for Skeptics, Realists and Rebels, my co-author, Vicki Larson, and I uncovered seven alternative ways that couples were coming together in marriage. Several of these variations are being kept secret by the couples for fear of being judged or criticized.  

The reshaped alternatives include a Starter Marriage, a Parenting Marriage, a Live Apart Together Marriage, an Open Marriage and a Safety Marriage, a Covenant Marriage, and a Companionship Marriage.

find out if you're better suited for one of the alternative marriages 

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