PsychoBabbel…a better way to communicate.

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stop talking in circles and start having
more productive conversations with your mate.

PsychoBabbel cards help create intimacy and peace
using words that promote connection.

~ Do you and your mate have the same arguments over and over?

~ Do you ever get frustrated that your mate isn’t listening to you?

~ Do you feel disconnected from your spouse after a disagreement?

~ Would you believe that making a few small shifts in how and what you say
(without changing the meaning of what you say) may be all you need?

It’s true.

And PsychoBabbel can help you make those small shifts.

PsychoBabbel is fun to use. My wife and I have turned previously tense moments into laughter.

— Roland J.
These cards are easy to remember and easy to use. We’re so grateful we found this wonderful tool.
— Jane W.
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Get PsychoBabbel today

for you and your mate.

It also makes a great gift for family, friends—anyone!

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